Friday, January 28, 2011

What I Did Today

I finally finished my sterling silver love necklace. I finished it off with a small round sterling silver chain with a spring clasp. It's cute and simple.

I know I said I wasn't going to go this route with hair jewelry, but I was intrigued. I think bridal pieces are so beautiful that I wanted to make some myself. I'm still going to venture into some more contemporary pieces but it's fun to start here. So, I decided I would try the beaded headband/tiaras first. Here's the first headband I did.

I used Almond and Ecru color glass pearls and wrapped them with silver wire around a silver headband for an elegant feel. This could be a bridal piece or for another formal occassion. The next piece I made can be a headband or tiara and is definitely more bridal or prom. I used various sizes of Ecru color glass pearls and various sizes of Swarovski AB crystals. I loved the way it came out!

Now I just need a model to fully showcase my new hair jewelry. Can I just take a moment here at the end of my post to show off a custom piece that I just finished this week for a customer? It came out so beautifully that I wanted to show it. It's a natural aquamarine and blue fire agate rosary with a scroll cross. I may be partial to aquamarine because it's my birthstone but I am in love with a natural aquamarine stone! I'm thinking of making myself a really nice natural aquamarine ring for my birthday.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Found you on Etsy and following :) I look forward to seeing you around the blogs!


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  2. That Love necklace is so elegant, beautiful