Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's snowing outside! (Don't mind the pictures. I took them from my phone...from inside my apartment lol!) This used to be an exciting development when I was younger, now it just fills me with dread. Southerners are not equipt to deal with snow and ice. We cannot drive in it and people freak out and raid the grocery stores at the words.

I'm afraid I may be stuck in my apartment tomorrow. I have one order to go out which may have to wait until Tuesday, but I hope not. On the other hand this gives me time to work on this week's project (stay tuned) and work on a couple of custom orders. I just don't like being stuck inside. :(

It should be fun to see my dog's reaction to the snow in the morning though. She is fairly confused by snow.

Have a good night!
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  1. Oh, I would so love to see some of the white stuff on the ground here! I hope it doesn't make your day too stressful.