Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some thoughts from last night: Hair Jewelry

I need some thoughts here. I've been thinking about making hair jewelry. Not really bridal though I may play with it but more fun everyday hair jewelry. Maybe something you could wear out at night or to a party.

Remember when everyone was getting those "friendship bracelet" style threads woven into their hair? Not that. Though if there's an edgier style to that, like with chains, maybe. Hmm.

I google searched hair jewelry to see what was out there and there wasn't a lot of what I was thinking about. Which means (haha!) there's kind of an open market. There was lots of bridal, of course. You know, the only thing I found that I liked was on the very fashionable Kim Kardashian.

I'm talking about filigree barrettes with draped chains and edgy bobby pins and combs. Maybe some with a vintage feel. Not really sparkly, but more cool, statement pieces. I've intrigued myself. What do you think?

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  1. I think you should go for it!

  2. My 14-year-old daughter says she would wear that in a hearbeat... I say go for it!