Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not a Typical Friday Night

I'm used to spending my Friday nights out with friends or even with my boyfriend, but being newly single and with the spring semester of school not quite started back yet, things are a little slow on the social scene. I had planned on having a lazy night with my dog to lay around and watch a movie or two, but on Fridays the Redbox is somewhat of a hit or miss. Yesterday it was a miss.

I thought well there still should be something on TV and if not I can always pop in my Kevin Hart Seriously Funny DVD because though I've seen it a few times now, it's still pretty funny. None of this happened. I laid on my couch for about a half an hour flipping channels and watching my dog toss her toy around before I decided my time would be better spent being productive.

I thought maybe I'd practice some bead knotting since I had to complete this project for next week's challenge with my aquamarine beads. I think for most jewelry makers bead knotting is a pretty basic skill but nevertheless I am backwards and am just now learning it.
Side note: The nice thing about a knotted necklace as opposed to a necklace with beads/pearls strung onto wire is that if the necklace breaks you lose one bead/pearl and the others stay in place, whereas on a wire strung necklace all of your beads will slide off.
Well before I knew it I had finished my necklace that was meant for next week's challenge.

Not only did I finish next week's necklace but I got a little knotting happy (with the help of Pandora to keep me going) and made a another whole necklace with freshwater pearls. By the time I was finished it was late and I felt very accomplished to have finished two whole necklaces especially with it being a new skill. One day I'll be able to do five in that time! So now the dilemma is what will be my challenge for next week? Guess I'll be rooting around in my boxes for unfinished projects to work on!
By the way I am feeling much better. I took Thursday off (from Etsy work), took DayQuil, lots of orange juice, and laid around watching the Jersey Shore marathon. I know, I know, sad, but it's a guilty pleasure!
Hope you like the new pieces! Now I'm off to list them!


  1. Love the stones you chose! I'm excited to follow your new blog. :)