Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 2 Challenge

So last week I finished this week's project which left me wondering what I was going to do for this week. I've been thinking about what I haven't done in a while and I came up with a watch. I've got this watch face and so we'll see what I come up with to do with it. I think I want to do something simple since the face has detail. Hmmm.
I've only got one other watch in my shop right now which is a really fun watch. It's a bright beaded safety pin watch in which each beaded pink in threaded on an elastic thread so that it fits most wrists. It's a cool accessory for teens or if you have a funky style. So check that out.
I've been listed in some cool treasuries on Etsy this week that I wanted to share as well.
Will You? Great Valentine Finds for Men features some great gift ideas for the guys in your life. My handstamped cuff links are featured within this list.
Let's Get Personal is a collection of personalized gifts for any person you know! I really liked the family name plaque, the flameless candle and the coffee cups. My handstamped cuff is featured in this list.
I (Heart) You (Sorry! I still haven't mastered how to make the heart icon!) This collection has some beautiful goodies for Valentine's Day like cookies, cards, jewelry, and accessories! My handstamped inital heart necklace is featured in this treasury.
I'm always so honored to be featured in the treasuries that other Etsians make especially being featured among such talented artisans and crafters! I guess I've rambled on for long enough today so I will be back later this week with my finished watch!
Thanks for reading!

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