Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Hey guys! I'm excited to give you a tutorial for a cute DIY jewelry organizer! It's easy and inexpensive. The best part is that you get a great organizer that you could easily pay $80+ in a retail store for a similar item. This is a great way to display and store your jewelry especially if your jewelry tends to get tangled in your current storage. I made my own and it was great. I'll be creating more and likely selling them on my Artfire site for those who aren't into DIY projects. Here was my finished project with my added jewelry.

So let's get started! You will need:
  • Picture frame
  • Wire caging (hex or a smaller grid)
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • S hooks
  • Staple gun
  • Wire cutter
First you'll need your picture frames. Wood frames work best. You can purchase an new frame or find a cool old one in your house or from a second hand store. I would recommend visiting some yard sales to find frames since it is yard sale season. I found my frames in my parents garage from some old decorative pictures. 

I almost kept my frames gold but they had begun to chip so I opted to paint them. Pick a paint color you like and spray paint your frame. Of course, remember to cover the surface you're spraying on. 

After the paint dries measure your wire caging to fit the back of the frame. You'll want the caging to cover the back of the frame enough to secure the caging on the back with staples. Use your wire cutters to cut the caging. Be careful not to cut or poke yourself with the wire. I suggest protective gloves if you have them when doing this.

Next, after you've cut and measured your caging it's time to staple the caging to the back of the frame. Use as many staples as you see fit to hold the caging in place. 

If you have any wire that is too long and hangs over the back edge of the frame cut those pieces and viola!  You have a completed jewelry organizer!
Next, add in your favorite jewelry. 

 For necklaces use the S hooks. Hang the S hook on your chosen place on your organizer and hang your necklaces from the hook. Larger hooks will be able to hold more necklaces. 

Have fun!
If you'd like a jewelry organizer made contact me at

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  1. This is a great DIY jewelry organizer tutorial! With just the use of a picture frame, wire cage, and other tools, you can have a personalized organizer with all the frills and thrills you want. You just need a dose of creativity and some simple craft materials. I also love your collection of jewelry!

    Jeffry Pullam