Friday, November 25, 2011

Cocktail Party Under $100

Hey girls!

I've got another holiday cocktail ensemble for you! This one is for the ladies on a budget. I've put together a great look for under $100 that you'll love!

First we'll start with this very trendy dark purple peplum dress from Lulu's. Peplum is showing up everywhere these days and is very popular in Hollywood. The structure in the dress gives enough detail that you'll want to let it stand out.

Purple Peplum Dress

For the shoes I chose these cute floral black lace stilettos from Forever 21.
Floral Lace Stilettos
Forever 21

We won't overwhelm  the dress with a lot of jewelry so I chose these black faceted jewel wing earrings with gold trim from mark. If you need to add a necklace, choose a long pendant or single charm necklace in gold. If you have long hair I would wear it back in a sleek ponytail.

Black and Gold Winging It Earrings

Last I added this gold lame clutch from Forever 21. It finishes the ensemble off with sparkle!

Gold Lame Clutch
Forever 21
All for only $94! Since we've finished under budget you may want to add some black opaque tights for colder evenings. Now you're ready for your party and you didn't break the bank! Have fun!


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