Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Kind of Statement Will You Make?

So over the last couple of years we've heard a lot about statement jewelry. This is jewelry that is maybe big and bold or very glam and sparkly, anything that makes a statement and gets you noticed. This spring will be no different in that we'll still want statement jewelry or the combination of pieces that make a statement. Bracelets are making a big splash this spring and I say let's make a bracelet statement!

Just the other day I had fun putting together a bunch of bracelets from the shop to make a bracelet statement of my own. That's my arm in the picture. I mixed zipper bracelets, Swarovski wrap bracelets, colored wood bead bracelets, and embellished friendship bracelets. I loved the look and will definitely do it again! Stop by the shop and pick out some for yourself! (The zipper bracelets are on sale until 2/4/12. Check the shop for the coupon code.) I've got more coming as well!



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