Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 5 and 6

Things got a little crazy last week and I wasn't able to get a post written. So, this week I'm bringing you new creations from last week and this week! We've been getting what I'm hoping is the last of the winter storms here in Memphis so I wanted to create some spring pieces for the upcoming season.
First up are a bright pair of earrings made from the Kazuri beads I got from the bead show I attended. Yellow round beads with white polka dots, yellow flying boat beads, and Swarovski round AB crystals make up this pretty pair.
Next, are another pair of earrings made with Kazuri beads. I've made these earrings before but these have a brighter look as I added small round Swarovski crystals.
The next is another Kazuri piece but I've had this bead for a while so I was glad to be able to use it! It's purple with small stripes of blue that cross the bead diagonally. The ring is made with a thick silver wire and can be made to fit your finger.
Last, I made a long 36 inch multi-color knotted pearl necklace. It's perfect for spring with its light pinks, lavenders, and creams.

So, those are the pieces! Hope you like! Look for them soon in the shop!
Thanks for reading!


  1. That knotted pearl necklace is beautiful!! Lovely work Christine!!

  2. I especially like the yellow polka dot set, like sunshine in winter. The pearls are so pretty too.

  3. Beautiful!
    Heard that you folks got "our" storms. You can have them. We've had enough winter here.

  4. You've been busy! Love the yellow polka dots!

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Jan, I'm hoping that was the last of the winter storms for this season. Looks like things will be heating up this week and I'm ready for spring!