Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have You Met mark. ?


Many of you probably don't know that I along with making jewelry to sell on Etsy am a mark. Representative as well. mark. which is the daughter company to Avon sells products ranging from beauty to fashion and supports causes like preventing teen dating violence. I joined mark. last year and have loved being a rep. and the opportunities that came along with it. At one point I was the Campus Sales Manager for The University of Memphis (my school) which was really fun. Later in the year last year when things really began taking off with Mozella Designs, mark. took a backseat, but I'm glad to say that I'm back and excited to show things on the blog that you can find on mark. as well. I'm so excited to get back into things that I ordered some new items with more on the way this week to share!

First up, I'm excited to show this super cute (faux) snakeskin clutch by Carlos Falchi, who is a major designer from Brazil. He designed a few items for mark. last summer and they were an absolute hit! When they announced this collaboration they announced that the top selling reps would win a trip to Rio! I didn't win but it was fun trying! Now I'm working on a trip to NYC.

I love this new bag. It is right on trend for the spring season. If you check any of the spring fashion mags out right now (I had a lazy afternoon of browsing them today) you'll see the snakeskin trend. I love this because I'm not sure that I want a full snakeskin blouse or dress but this little clutch is perfect. It's a great size in that you can fit all your essentials plus it has a detachable chain strap so you can wear it. It's called the Wild Things Clutch and this is a little sneak peek because it won't be available for another couple of weeks (Feb. 25).

Next I have the Infinity and Beyond Scarf which is a spring must have! I love infinity scarves because they totally fit my style! This one has gray and white stripes and is lightweight for the spring season. It is available now for $14. This is me modeling it in the picture below. I hate modeling things myself because I always scrutinize the pictures to death! lol. If you want to check out all the cool things mark. has take a look here.

Just wanted to share that with you today. I ordered more mark. things that I should be getting this week. I get so excited about it! I also made some purchases on Etsy last week that I'm going to share when they arrive so be on the lookout for those!

Thanks for reading!

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