Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi all!

I'm so excited about these zipper bracelets! I've been wanting to do zipper jewelry for a long time now ans these were the perfect starting point. With the hardware trend continuing in fashion the zipper bracelets will fit in perfectly with your fall wardrobe. I particularly wanted to use brass zippers because of their golden tone.

Gold in jewelry, handbags, and accessories has really been taking over. They're like wearing little cuffs ans they look great when you wear a few (or a bunch) together. I mixed the black and navy bracelets and wore one with charms. That's the other part...they're completely customizable! I will be offering handstamped versions in the near future. I really like adding charms that give them a sweet but edgy and completely trendy look!

I currently have them available in black, navy, white, and dogwood (natural). The original bracelets are $12.50 each and $10 for two or more. The versions with charms are $15 and I will soon have a price for handstamped versions. The standard size is 7" but 6" and 9" can be available by request. I'm in love with these and hope you'll try them out.

On another note, I have added to my selling venues so if anyone frequents Zibbet be sure to check out my shop soon!

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  1. So good to see you again. Thanks for leaving a link on my blog. These zipper bracelets are a really cute idea. I hope they do well for you.